Research And Development

R&D: We follow the latest research releases from different universities and technology companies in order to validate their research and to develop it to improve its capabilities in our field moreover we collaborate with universities to find breakthroughs and problem-solving for the most common matters. Learn More

Open AI

Open.AI-GH: Is taking a text as an input and translates it to grasshopper visual script , without needing to redo or program script that are repetitive and complex at the same time.


BLOCKCHAIN is a type of distributed ledger technology (DLT) that consists of a growing list of records, called blocks, that are securely linked together using cryptography.


SPIDER is not an application nor a software, it is a 4-year-old platform that has over 12 API libraries from different Software (3Ds Max, Autodesk Revit, Rhinoceros 3D, SketchUp, etc..), all translated and synchronized within each other and powered by AI technology, adding to that it has a library for machine learning (TensorFlow, PyTorch) with different scripting languages, regarding their functionalities, it does not matter what program is used as much as the reliability of translating geometry and shapes between these tools.

Assistant Human Robot

Human robots can answer your customer's queries and provide the most up-to-date product and promotional information, increasing the likelihood that your consumers will learn, comprehend, and purchase. By tackling typical, repetitive activities, a human robot may help your staff be even more productive, freeing up their time and talent. Over the course of discussions, a human robot collects data about people's likes, personalities, preferences, and routines to tailor replies and better meet their requirements.

3D Capture Block

Is a robot working in the construction sector, its main function is to build using blocks in construction, which provides several advantages.