Mobile Application

We can develop any mobile application, using innovative solutions and high techs such as VR, AR, UI, and UX. To achieve attractive designs.

AR Guidance

Guiding people to specific locations in the indoor environment is a challenging task, especially in complex buildings such as airports, hospitals, or other public buildings. So, AR Guidance System is a technology that navigates people through different paths to fulfill their specific needs and reach their individual destinations.

Educational Game

SEFR APP was built and is continuously developed and improved, by a dedicated team of programmers and education specialists who understand the importance of experimentation in science education, and Help You Conduct Science Experiments Anywhere Via 3D Interactive Virtual Labs. We’ve developed a product that makes virtual science labs accessible, usable, and affordable for educational institutions and schools. SEFR APP not only provides an immersive virtual lab experience but adds enriched content that provides students with more understanding and knowledge.