Artificial Intelligence

We try to mimic human-thinking behavior through software that is trained by Machine Learning and deep learning, by reverse-engineering human capabilities and traits and applying them to machines. This department at its core aims to develop intelligent machines. Simply put, the foundational goal of the AI department is to design a technology that enables computer systems to work intelligently yet independently


BIM.AI: BIM system powered by AI for generative design Automation & Structural analysis to shorten ETA and increase Accuracy.

ERP System

The definition of ERP systems may have different meanings based on the entity concerned. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is an Information Technology (IT) business solution that enables construction companies and their contractors to manage capital projects effectively and efficiently throughout the project lifecycle.

Modeler AI

We have noticed a lot of research discussing 3D-GAN and how to describe shapes created in three dimensions using GAN models, the best method to approach 3D-GAN, in our opinion (area of expertise), is by comprehending and respecting how 3D forms operate in 3rd-dimensional environments and how humans recognize distinctive features in any geometry since Rhino/Grasshopper is the ideal program for comprehending and analyzing 3D geometry, we turned Pytorch 1.11.0 into Torch.NET [.NET Framework 4. X] which is powered by NVIDIA CUDA 11.3 with GPU CUDA, a scenario that took us 3 months to apply. [Thanks to SciSharp as well produced Torch.NET with.NET Core three years ago].

Render Eye

Render Eye is a product that uses CVGAN to restore missed pixels data to enlarge your image with full details moreover It can be an add-in to reduce render time from 4 hours long to 5 Minutes which is considered a Large gap, and one of its major services by using CVGAN is that it can give you a predicted vision to your design with only conceptual solid masses.

X-Ray Diagnose

It is a program that uses Artificial Intelligence to estimate the condition that can be obtained from X-Rays based on many types of research covering similar situations.